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Building Bridges uses a collaborative approach to wholistic health and examines root causes of disease while encouraging and supporting your responsibility for a healthy, balanced life.

About Cheryl

Cheryl brings over 30 years experience in various aspects of traditional medicine, preventative health education and natural healing. Graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health, her solid background in traditional medicine includes teaching and counselling in Medical Education Centres, Post Secondary Institutes and various Human Service sectors.Through her studies in Natural Health and Nutrition, Root Causes of Disease, Detoxing and Cleansing, and Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis, she is able to assist individuals to attain “Whole Body Wellness”.


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In addition to her medical and spiritual competencies, Cheryl firmly believes that every physical ailment has a mental, emotional or spiritual component that either caused it, aggravates it, or is preventing it from healing. As a Life Coach Counsellor, she has observed that “What the mind and spirit harbor – the body will manifest”. By ”removing the problem”- the symptoms disappear! For this reason, Cheryl participated in a six-week Internship at the “Be in Health”Centre in Thomaston, Georgia, sponsored by Pastor Henry Wright, national author of “A More Excellent Way”. This book addresses the spiritual and emotional roots of over 1200 different diseases and is available through Building Bridges.


Cheryl received her Health Minister Certification through “Hallelujah Acres”, in North Carolina, a center that promotes scientifically sound, proven principles that help regain body wellness and maintain a vitality of life, longevity and energy. The focus is on identifying and removing the root cause of disease to support the miraculous self-healing body. Much of this is done through a simple, inexpensive, uncomplicated lifestyle that utilizes “scripture based” wholeness in mind, body and spirit.


Along with her husband Terry, they operate a clinic located within a pristine rural setting, often described by clients as a “place of peace, tranquility and rejuvenation”. Both Terry and Cheryl are Certified Natural Health Professionals. As Certified Health Ministers they offer a message of hope and healing to everyone. They enjoy sharing ways to help others take responsibility for their lives and health through proper education, knowledge, understanding, and personal accountability. These are the keys to success.


 Client feedback indicates a deep appreciation of Cheryl’s healing techniques and her “truthful”, frank feedback as demonstrated by many successful testimonies. “A total body experience”and a “new appreciation for healthful living”, has been quoted by many of her clients.



Mike Chartrand
Mike Chartrand
I appreciate Cheryl , her practice, and her knowledge when it comes to natural health, my wife has learned important skills and trained with Cheryl. I recommend her and her outstanding office retreat.
Mike Chartrand
Mike Chartrand
As Owner of "A Laptop Repair Shoppe" , in Calgary , I appreciate Cheryl at "Building Bridges to Health Naturally" , who professionally guides and teaches My Wife specialised life blood Microscopy who manages a company distributing "Natures Sunshine Products" (NSP) .
Duncan Poulsen
Duncan Poulsen
I've always had a great experience at Building Bridges. I try really hard to live a healthy live, but after going though some health struggles, I visited Cheryl. She helped me understand how my body actually works, not just how common fixes affect the body. It's always really interesting to visit and learn more about whole body well being. After a couple visits, I feel so much better.
Shangzheng LI
Shangzheng LI
very professional naturopath, helped my lower blood iron .great people amazing services!

With Every Drop There’s a Story

Live & Dry Blood Analysis

At Building Bridges we examine both live and dry blood samples under a high powered microscope.  By observing the blood together with our clients, we collaborate and discuss options, based on what the blood reveals.  This partnership offers hope for the clients to take charge of their health and support the self-healing body. Root causes of the four leading diseases in Canada are lifestyle related and often reversible with the right information and action.

The actual live blood analysis reveals much about the condition of the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, cell nutrition, deficiencies, bacteria, etc.  We are also able to observe immune function, digestion, hormone irregularities and much more.  When I see red blood cells tightly stuck together, I know that oxygen and nutrients are not reaching the cellular level for proper health or healing. The dry sample shows the metabolic by-product, or toxins, which settle in the weaker systems.  This is often referred to as free radical damage and is what leads to most chronic diseases.  While we never diagnose or prescribe, we are able to look at imbalances in the body and monitor improvement or degeneration from within.

“Blood is an assessment of all aspects of what is going on within the body.”
Blood is an assessment of all aspects of what is going on within the body.  The blood is not just physical, but carries emotions, memories, and is very indicative of our thought process.  What we see in the blood needs to line up with what our clients are telling us.  Often we see things stored at the cellular and sub conscious level that are affecting their present health status, and they have no awareness of what may be causing their condition.  When things don’t align we need to collaborate and explore at a deeper level. The body’s degeneration precedes symptoms. We are often not aware of this process until we experience symptoms. We are able to monitor these conditions in the blood.  This process of looking at the body from the inside is a powerful motivator to keep on making positive lifestyle changes.  This instills hope and gives our clients a sense of empowerment and control over their body and their future health.
Because we are not just physical beings, we need to recognize that the blood is just a medium for chemicals from the brain to enter the cells in our body.  Our perception of “how things really are” is at the root of these chemicals.  Our role at Building Bridges is to help our clients evaluate all of the factors that influence their health.  We work on not just getting the physical toxins and acidity out, but releasing the toxic emotions causing the physical toxicity at a sub conscious, cellular level.

Give Yourself the Gift of Health

Unravel the root causes to disease and discover the journey to your health with  a hot cup of tea and an hour of your time.

First Visit $130 +gst
Includes 1 hour consultation, Live & Dry Blood Examination & Health Analysis.

Follow Up $110 +gst
Includes second Live & Dry Blood Examination, detailed progress report, and proactive health plan.

*Discounts apply to children under the age of 18.

Products & Education

Be a source of hope and healing

“Our acreage is a peaceful retreat for a lot of people and in these stressful times people are looking for peace and serenity. We often hear comments that just coming to the clinic brings healing. When we provide a calm and understanding environment for others, they feel it. When we are healthy, vibrant, and full of peace and joy, others want it. We model health by how we act and how we treat and accept others, regardless of the state they are in.”

Nature Sunshine

“We believe that natural health and wellness has the power to change lives; and through our products, our people and our business opportunity, we work to make it a reality every day.

In today’s world of overhyped ingredients, questionable claims and come-and-go products, Nature’s Sunshine is the proven choice for people seeking the lasting benefits of good health.”

– Nature’s Sunshine

In.Form Lifestyle and Weight Management Program


A – Acquire new information.

B – Build or rebuild the body. 

C – Cleanse. 

Certified Blood Analysis Trainer

Interterested in becoming a blood analysis practioner?

Recieve your certificate and mentorship through Building Bridges.
We offer group and individual training.
Please call the clinic for more details.

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Professional Connections & Referrals

Building Bridges cares about whole body wellness. Ask us about our recommendations in the professions of:


  • Shelly Teske-Hulan B.Ed, M.A. Registered Psychologist
  • Red Deer Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Clinic – Ning Li R.TCM, R. AC
  • Balanced Terrain Analysis – Janice Hrushka Certified Nutritionist
  • Stettler Medical Clinic – Dr. Marvin Bailey M. B. Ch. B.
  • RNR Counseling – Dr. Katherine Warnock B.Ed, MTh., D.C.C.


Check out this podcast from Dr. Mark Hyman on "The Broken Brain"

"Like Nothing Else Before"

We have been doing business with Cheryl and Building Bridges to Health for several years and have been amazed by her level of professionalism.

It is a true pleasure to work with someone who has years of hands-on conventional medicine experience as a nurse, deep understanding of emotional well being and has added an in-depth angle of Natural Health understanding. Pretty rare match; we could not have found a better match.

Every client that gets to see Cheryl, while at the Health Retreat, comes out with new insights and is so happy to have seen her. Not only are our clients are so happy she is here but often say: “Seeing my blood on screen gave me such motivation to start working on my health, like nothing else before.”

Thank you Cheryl for all you do and thank you for coming out this far to help our guests out. .

-Vasili Kastashchuk – Program Consultant – Abundant Life Wellness Centre

"Our Family Has Been Truly Blessed"

Cheryl’s practice of natural medicine is invaluable. She provides very thorough information catered to you as an individual. She helped me regain some much needed energy during my pregnancy and my husband saw significant positive changes in his health after implementing Cheryl’s recommendations. Our family has been truly blessed to have her in our lives as an effective alternative to today’s medicine practice.

-Andrea Torraville – Calgary, AB

"Meeting Cheryl This Year Was a God-send!"

Meeting Cheryl this year was a God-send! I have suffered with health issues all my life, some physical (anemia), and some mental/emotional (depression), some spiritual (fear). I have noticed a huge improvement in the physical realm already with all of the help I have received over the past 4-5 months. Since working with Cheryl at Building Bridges my health has improved for the first time ever! My immune system is able to fight off the little things much better now, and I am not catching every cold and virus like I had in the past. And my journey here is just beginning. God has great plans for my life and getting healthy is one of the first steps.

I am also receiving support in the emotional and spiritual realms and realizing how they are connected and how important it is to deal with all aspects of my life for better health and wholeness. I have found all the information, support, assurances, and perspectives to be so helpful and insightful and would recommend Cheryl’s services, wisdom and support to anyone who needs and wants help to make healthy, Godly choices in order to experience a more abundant life— which is what the Lord wants for us, we just have to reach out and take it!
Thank you Cheryl for your time and compassion and ministry and I look forward to what 2010 brings to ALL of us who are seeking His will.

-Christine Bos – Lacombe, AB

"Very Informative and Uplifting Experience."

Visiting Cheryl and having live and dry blood analysis was a very informative and uplifting experience. When I first was introduced to this procedure I was skeptical, but upon reflection and investigation I decided to drive to Red Deer and have this done. When I met Cheryl and began the experience, I was encouraged right from the beginning. Her background and her evaluation of my blood sample convinced me that I had come to the right place for confirmation and help. I had been suffering from exhaustion, joint pains and complete discouragement. I had lost my life’s energy. After reviewing the blood analysis with Cheryl I was convinced that there was hope for improvement and recovery. I learned of some good supplements to replenish my body. I was so grateful to obtain Cheryl’s knowledge and helpful suggestions. Cheryl was not only well informed but she was sincere, caring and took more than adequate time to help me. Since my initial appointment I have completely stopped antidepressant medication (after months of weaning off) and am feeling much stronger and hopeful. I have renewed encouragement about the marvelous miracle that exists in our body if we supply it with the correct nutrients and positive thinking.

-Gail Boodjohn – Calgary, AB

"The Map of my Life"

Watching the live blood samples and seeing my white blood cells performing their duties was exciting. Cheryl observed and reported her findings right from the computer screen and I was able to see for myself as she reported her perspective. Also, discussing the dry blood analysis gave me more insight into understanding my body’s struggle and its coping technique. We discussed helpful suggestions of where I need to improve in my dietary intake and in my attitude. As Cheryl observed my blood and told me what she interpreted from this, I was truly amazed from the “map” of my life and what the dry blood revealed. It was my life story right there in the sample. Hearing and seeing the visual evidence of healing gave me new hope that I can get feeling better, and I will feel better! It was the right there in my blood!

Overall, the experience left me motivated to improve myself and hopeful of further healing. I continue the journey with refreshed enthusiasm, more energy and reduced joint pain.

-Gail Boodjohn – Calgary, AB

My Quest for Gaining my Good Health Back

Building Bridges has become my personal well-being training centre! With the changes to my eating habits and the supplements, I have already noticed positive changes in my quest for gaining my good health back.

Thank you, Cheryl. Keep up the good work!

-June Maxwell – Lousana, AB

We were created spiritual beings whole and healed.
If you don’t feed the soul the body starves.
Science advancements are aligning with foundational biblical truths in healing.
Important to stay on top of new advancements and research.

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